Top 5 AKG Microphones

AKG microphones are a classic type of mic that are used for a variety of purposes, including broadcasting and performances and other filmed and audio-only projects.

Professional sound engineers and microphone technicians use this type of mic every day, while many technicians, as well as producers, depend on them as well.

They are especially common in live television, for instance. At the same time, many people don’t know much about AKG microphones or the brands that manufacture them. Even people working in industries that use audio equipment might not be able to decide which AKG mic to buy without doing some research first.

That’s why this buyer’s guide will explain all the relevant details of this type of product and introduce the top five best AKG mics available. It will also address frequently asked questions about this type of product and go over what features to look for that the best AKG mics will have.

After reading this guide, anyone in the market for one of these microphones should be able to make an educated decision on which version to buy.



AKG MicrophonesModelRemarkExpert RatingPrice
AKG Pro Audio C214Best For Live Recording
AKG D5 Vocal Dynamic MicrophoneBest For Live Sound
AKG Pro Audio WMS40Best Wireless Microphone System
AKG Pro Audio C520Best headset microphone
AKG Pro Audio microphoneBest microphone for corporates



What to look for in the best AKG microphones


Cardioid pattern cages

One of the best mic cover patterns for sound pickup and quality is the cardioid or supercardioid variety. Many of the top AKG microphones have this feature.


Wireless capability

Wireless microphones have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, and this is no exception for AKG mics. Wireless capability on these types of microphones is very attractive and opens up many audio performance and recording possibilities while eliminating annoying cords.

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Carrying case

Many premium microphones, including AKG ones, come with hard carrying cases for protection during travel. Since the best AKG mics deserve protection, this is definitely a good feature to watch for when shopping for one of these microphones.

Carrying cases are useful add-ons to microphones that also provide peace of mind with regards to preservation.



Top 5 AKG Microphones:


Best For Live Recording

1. AKG Pro Audio C214

AKG Pro Audio C214


  • Large-diaphragm condenser microphone
  • 156 db audio sensitivity
  • Unidirectional polar pattern
  • Handheld
  • 3 x 8.6 x 3.9 in.; 1.76 lb.



One of the very best AKG microphones available today, especially for live recording, is AKG Pro Audio’s professional quality C214 condenser mic. This audio tool is widely used in the broadcasting world and for other audio projects as well.

It produces a clear, crisp sound, boasting a high, 156-decibel audio sensitivity, as well as a 20 db attenuator and a bass-cut filter for close-up audio recording. These latter features make the mic an excellent tool for recording musical performances.

Another aspect of this microphone that optimizes its audio quality is its integrated suspension, which reduces mechanical noise from the surrounding environment and ground, floor, or stage. Overall this microphone achieves excellent performance in terms of sound quality and is relied on by many for this quality.

The design and materials of this microphone are premium quality, too, as the completely metal, the die-cast body is durable and built to last a long time. In addition, the product is finished with a shock and scratch-resistant coating. Moreover, the microphone itself has a hard mesh grill protecting it.

These features are very useful and will extend the life of this microphone while reflecting the high value and premium quality of the mic too. With regards to the shape and size of the microphone, many users report that it feels natural to hold and is easy to grip and steady. It’s also soft and comfortable to use and can secure easily onto many different mic stands.

The last features of this microphone worth mentioning are the spider suspension shock mount, which can further stabilize it, and the hard metal carrying case it comes with. These additions add lots of value and usefulness to AKG Pro Audio’s mic and give it an edge over much of its competition in this product category.



Best For Live Sound

2. AKG D5 Vocal Dynamic Microphone

AKG D5 Vocal Dynamic Microphone



  • Handheld microphone for vocal, live audio
  • Wireless and wired capability
  • 600-ohm impedance
  • 87 x 2.76 x 5.51 in; 12 oz
  • Super-cardioid polar pattern




The best AKG mic for live sound, and especially live music and vocals, is the AKG D5 Vocal Dynamic Microphone. This mic is used by many live performers, including musicians and recording artists, video producers, and broadcasters.

It is a professional-quality microphone that is great for live performances and other live audio projects due to its wireless capability and excellent sound. The great sound quality achieved by this mic is thanks in part to its patented laminated Varimotion diaphragm as well as the super-cardioid polar pattern covering it.

This latter design element allows for high levels of sound pickup before producing feedback. This mic is known for producing a sound that can cut through other music during live performances, so it is ideal for vocal performance.

This mic is also ideal for environments like on-location newscasting as well as spoken word performance, debates, and other live, audio-heavy events. Moreover, the mic’s dual-shock mount ensures that the sound will remain clear and undisturbed by mechanical noise.

Another great aspect of this microphone is how light it is, at only twelve ounces. Moreover, it has a durable construction and uses high-quality materials, including die-cast metals and premium plastic. Users also report that this is a comfortable mic to hold and use for a while.

The premium metal grill on the microphone is also high-quality and will protect and preserve the mic well. Overall this D5 AKG mic is a great option for anyone who needs a microphone for vocals, especially live vocals and music.



Best Wireless Microphone System

3. AKG Pro Audio WMS40 Wireless Microphone

AKG Pro Audio WMS40



  • AKG Vocal microphone
  • Wireless
  • 10 x 7.9 x 2.3 inches; 2.31 Pounds
  • Gain control on transmitter
  • Low battery indicators
  • 1 AA battery required (included)



The best available AKG microphone for wireless functionality is the AKG Pro Audio WMS40 wireless microphone. The wireless connection of this mic is seamless and provides very high-quality audio that is not noticeably worse than corded audio. Many different types of mic users depend on this one to deliver clear, crisp, and consistent audio.

It is ideal for church, conference, or other spoken presentation events. It also has a long battery life, with thirty hours of performance on one AA battery. Moreover, it has excellent range, allowing for movement away from the receiver across a large room, theatre, or auditorium.

The receiver itself for this wireless mic is very well designed, with useful low-battery indicators and compact size. Moreover, this receiver is compatible with all AKG Pro Audio Wireless Mini microphones, not just the one featured here. In addition, the receiver itself is very compact, at only a few inches long.

Many users also report that this microphone is comfortable to handle and operate, while its sound quality stays consistent even when further away from the receiver. The cardioid capsule around the mic also ensures optimal gain before generating feedback, so the sound is very high-fidelity.

One last notable feature of this AKG mic is the included double-A battery, which will provide the user with 30 hours of microphone functionality straight out of the box.

Overall, AKG Pro Audio’s WMS40 wireless mic is a great handheld microphone for anyone needing wireless capability. It is durable, high-performing, and reliable. This feature makes this particular AKG mic especially attractive and gives it a higher value than some of its competitors.


Best Headset Microphone

4. AKG Pro Audio C520 Head-Worn Condenser Microphone

AKG Pro Audio C520



  • Headset condenser microphone
  • Includes standard XLR cable connector
  • Wireless
  • 8 x 5.5 x 2.7 in.; 10.88 oz
  • Adjustable headband



One of the very best headset mics is AKG Pro Audio’s C520, which is an AKG-equipped condenser microphone attached to a headband. The mic is positioned close to where the wearer’s mouth would be.

The headband and microphone arm on this product are both easily adjustable for best placement and sound quality. Moreover, the included AKG connection makes this a very high-value mic which brings a lot of conveniences and out-of-the-box functionality.

Another attractive aspect of this headset mic is its wireless capability. This allows for hassle-free operation and connection. And although the microphone is attached to a headset, the sound delivery is smooth and clear.

This is due in part to the mic’s moisture shield, which ensures the capsule is dry, and the flexible shock mount. This latter feature minimizes mechanical noise from vibrations in the surrounding environment near the user.

In addition, this headset is well designed, with both left and right boom mounting capabilities for precise placement. This versatility makes AKG Audio Pro’s headset an especially attractive head-worn microphone.

The hands-free nature of the headset makes it ideal for playing musical instruments or doing other hands-on audio tasks that might require a microphone. Some dancers might need handsfree microphone equipment too, and the lightweight of this headset makes it appealing to people conducting more physical tasks with a microphone.


Best Microphone for Corporates

5. AKG Pro Audio microphone

AKG Pro Audio microphone



  • Handheld AKG microphone
  • Wired connectivity type
  • 150 ohms impedance
  • 4 pounds
  • 7 x 4.9 x 2.8 in
  • Half supercardioid polar pattern



Another great handheld microphone is the AKG Pro Audio microphone, which provides clear, high-fidelity sound. It has improved audio sensitivity and a supercardioid pattern, both of which ensure excellent sound. It is great for use in auditoriums, theatres, and other live audio environments. It can also connect to most recording equipment with an AKG cable.

Moreover, at only around a pound in weight and a few inches in length, this microphone is very compact and portable, making it great for travel. Therefore, this is a popular mic for outdoor audio tasks or those that require some degree of movement by the user.

In addition to providing great sound and versatility, this corded microphone is also strong and durable. Its metal body protects the microphone well, ensuring that it will last and continue performing well for years.

And the fact that it is as high-performing as it is makes this a microphone any consumer will want to protect and preserve for as long as possible. Overall this microphone is one of the best simple, easy-to-use AKG mics available.


FAQs About AKG Microphones


Does this microphone come with the XLR cable?

Yes, the microphones discussed above that require XLR cables come with them (although some, like the wireless-only version, don’t).


What is phantom power?

Phantom power is a  (usually) 48 volt current over an XLR input needed to power many microphones. It may also be necessary to connect microphones to audio recording equipment or computers and attach mics to amps.

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How many feet can the WMS40 work?

The wireless range of the AKG WMS40 is between one hundred and three hundred feet, making it a top performer among wireless handheld microphones.


What battery is required for the mic?

For many of the mics discussed above, which take batteries, it is AA batteries they need. It is common for handheld microphones to use a single AA battery.



Hopefully, this article has explained to interested consumers the relevant aspects of the AKG microphone product category. Equipped with this knowledge, readers should be able to make an educated decision on which model and brand of AKG are best for them. For instance, wireless capability might be a priority for some microphone users.

Moreover, readers should now be familiar with some of the best brands and versions of this product. All of the products discussed above perform very well and are physically durable.

Any one of them would be a good investment for someone in the market for a handheld or headset mic, and since this type of microphone comes in diverse varieties, finding the right one for a given task is important.


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