Top 3 Boom Poles For Filming

People who operate filming equipment often depend on a good boom pole to successfully place and secure their microphones near a sound source. This is obviously a crucial task for many film projects, and consequently, boom poles have become a staple in the filming world.

However, not everyone filming something with a boom mic will know about the right features and designs to look for in a good boom pole.

This isn’t always common knowledge, even in the film industry. So this buyer’s guide will help anyone in the market for a boom pole find the right brands and versions for them.

Moreover, this article will explain all the relevant details of the top three best boom poles for filming. At the same time, other sections will answer commonly asked questions on boom poles as well as explain what features to look for in this type of product.

Overall this guide will make anyone shopping for a boom pole better prepared to make the best possible decision on which particular one to purchase.


Boom Poles For Filming ModelExpert RatingPrice
Rode Boompole Pro
LyxPro Mic Boom Pole
Neewer NW-7000 Microphone Boom Arm



What to look for in the best boom poles for filming

Below are some features that give the very best filming boom poles the edge over their competition in this product category.


Padded handles

One feature that makes using a boom pole for filming a lot easier is having padded handles. Foam or rubber are materials commonly used for this purpose, and they each provide good comfort and traction.

This helps mic operators hold mics in place better and for a longer period of time.


XLR cable

Some of the best boom poles for filming also come equipped with internal XLR converter cables, which are commonly used to connect microphones to audio recording equipment.

This is another feature that makes the lives of audio engineers much easier and reduces the number of loose cords which often tangle. But if you are looking for a XLR to USB converter check out our guide on the 4 Best XLR To USB Cables.


Multiple components

Generally, the more components or tubes a boom pole has, the longer and more smoothly it will be able to extend. Many of the best boom poles for filming have four or five pieces that collapse into each other or extend out.


Lightweight material

The best boom poles are only a couple of pounds, or even less, and this is due to the high-quality metals they use for their construction.

Aluminum and carbon fiber are two common, high-grade metals used by the best boom pole manufacturers.



The 3 Best Boom Poles for Filming:


1. Rode Boompole Pro

Rode Boompole Pro



  • Carbon fiber material
  • Microphone boom arm
  • 35 x 2 x 2 in.; 1.3 lb.
  • It extends from about three feet to ten feet
  • 1-year warranty



One excellent boom pole is Rode’s Boompole pro, designed with shotgun mics and commonly used during filming projects. Many film professionals depend on a Rode Boompole, and this product has earned a reputation for that dependency.

At only eighteen ounces, it is very lightweight, making it easily maneuverable as well as usable for long periods of time for anyone responsible for holding it. This low weight makes Rode’s Boompole Pro one of the best available and raises the product’s overall value.

In addition, the carbon fiber material used in this pole is not only responsible for its lightness but for its strength. This pole is very durable and strong as well as light, demonstrating the dual benefit of the use of carbon fiber.

It should be able to carry any standard boom pole with ease. That the pole is made from this material reflects the excellent quality of this pole.

The versatility of this pole is also very good due to its ability to extend from three to ten feet (as well as anywhere in between). Moreover, many uses agree that the ‘twist-lock’ mechanism used for extending the pole is easy and intuitive. The pole can even be extended with only one hand. Such ease of use certainly makes the lives of many boom operators much easier on a regular basis.

Moreover, peace of mind is further ensured for anyone who buys this particular boom pole due to the one-year warranty it includes. This offering is a great incentive to choose the Rode BoomPole, alongside its quality and performance incentives.

And finally, in terms of accessories for securing a boom pole, Rode offers optional cord clips as well as a wireless adapter to record audio from a mic on the end of the pole without the trouble of tangled cables.

The Rode boom pole is definitely a good choice for many people who operate boom poles regularly. It performs well in film set environments and other similar situations and can be relied on for its strength, lightness, and ease of use.

All these features make this boom mic pole an ideal choice for many different tasks, including film projects on set as well as outdoors. This pole is highly maneuverable, so it can be used easily for audio recording tasks that require continuous motion.


2. LyxPro Mic Boom Pole

LyxPro Mic Boom Pole



  • Microphone boom pole
  • Five sections
  • Padded
  • Built-in XLR cable
  • Extends from 2.4 to 9.5 feet
  • 72 x 2.28 x 2.24 in.; 2.2 lb.



Another one of the very best boom mic poles available for the purpose of filming is LyxPro’s portable mic boom pole. This arm excels in terms of versatility, with five components that telescope anywhere from around two to nine and a half feet.

Extending the pole is easy too and can be done with a gentle twist with one hand. Many reviews of this pole claim that it is very easy to use in terms of extending and locking as well as collapsing back.

This pole’s wide length range moreover makes it a high performer among this type of tool. Moreover, adding further to the practicality of this boom pole is its integrated XLR cable. This cord is widely used to connect microphones to audio equipment, so having one already included as a part of a boom pole makes a great feature.

Audio and filming professionals surely appreciate this aspect of the pole’s design since it takes care of an additional issue besides holding a boom microphone.

In addition to being highly versatile, this boom pole is strong and light. Its aluminum build ensures that the LyxPro pole is easy to carry and maneuver, while it also gives peace of mind that it is durable enough not to get damaged easily.

Aluminum is a great material for achieving strength and lightness and is used by many professional-grade audio equipment manufacturers. It is also durable and long-lasting, so consumers can rest assured that this pole will last a while.

Moreover, the LyxPro pole’s padded handle adds to how easy and comfortable it is to use. The soft foam is comfortable while also providing good traction and grip. The strong but lightweight and comfortable design of this boom pole makes it ideal for the studio as well as on-location filming environments.

Its many useful features make it especially appealing, with elements like the XLR cable adding significant value. The LyxPro boom pole is definitely a product at the top of its class.


3. Neewer NW-7000 Microphone Boom Arm

Neewer NW-7000 Microphone Boom Arm



  • Microphone boom pole
  • Ideal for filming
  • 3 components
  • Extendable from three to eight feet
  • 1/4” to 3/8” Threads
  • 84 pounds
  • Aluminum alloy material



Finally, the Neewer NW-7000 mic boom arm is a popular boom pole that professional audio technicians commonly use. It works very well for film projects as well as exclusive audio recording. It can help a microphone capture sound clearly from nearby sources while keeping that microphone out of a camera frame.

This boom pole is very versatile, allowing for extension anywhere between three and eight feet. This allows for easy operation in various environments and filming situations. The pole is also easy to extend and lock in place, with many users claiming that it is one of the most intuitive to use boom poles.

In addition to being easy to use and versatile, Neewer’s NW-7000 mic boom arm is very light, beating out most of its competition in this regard. Its low, 1.84-pound weight comes thanks to the sophisticated aluminum alloy used for its construction.

This lightness makes the pole a great choice for microphone operators who take on long filming jobs or other lengthy projects. Holding a boom mic for a while is a lot easier with a pole this light.

And while this pole is light, it’s also comfortable and strong. The soft foam handle makes it even easier to use for long periods, adding comfort and grip. In addition, the aluminum alloy is strong and durable as well as light. This durability gives many users peace of mind that the pole will hold up for a long time and work for many different tasks.

Finally, another feature worth mentioning for this boom pole is its universal compatibility with boom mics as well as a wide variety of mounts. It is so widely compatible with mics and mounts, making this version of the boom pole especially popular and versatile.

Due to these reasons to like the Neewer brand pole as well as those other attractive features discussed, it is a great investment for anyone looking for a boom pole.


FAQs About Boom Poles for Filming

Below are the answers to some questions that are commonly asked about boom poles for filming. This section will provide useful info for anyone in the market for such a pole.


Will this work with the Blue Snowball Ice?

The boom poles discussed above are designed for shotgun mics, so it may be awkward attaching a Blue Snowball to one of them. Nevertheless, nearly any mic will likely be able to be held in some way by any of the poles above.

All the poles mentioned above are highly versatile and might be up to the challenge of unusually shaped mics.


Does this come with a case?

The poles discussed above do not come with cases. Cases are not a particularly common accessory for boom poles, yet there are some products that do.

However, many audio hardware and tool manufacturers offer a wide range of bags and cases for sound and filming equipment separately.


Can you attach a light to it?

The best boom poles for filming could conceivably hold small lights, as long as they are not too heavy. A light source near a sound source can often be important in film project situations.

At the same time, however, all boom poles are designed to hold microphones specifically, so attaching anything else will likely not be as easy or successful.


How much weight can the pole support?

Specific manufacturers should be consulted for precise numbers on how heavy a mic their poles can support, although the poles discussed above are very sturdy.

They should all be able to support mics of at least a couple of pounds.



After reading this buyer’s guide on boom poles for filming, anyone in the market for such a tool should be well-informed on what the best versions of it offer.

They should have a good idea of what design and features to look for in a boom pole and should have answered their questions on this type of product.

With this knowledge, anyone should be able to decide which brand to buy for a boom pole.

Any of the three such poles discussed at length above are certainly good choices, as many regular mic users agree that they are strong, high-performing, and long-lasting.

Professional mic operators and audio engineers use all three of the poles discussed widely and for many different purposes.

So whether they are used for film audio or audio-only projects, any of the boom poles mentioned in this guide should work very well.


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