5 Best Fifine USB Microphones

USB microphones have become a favorite among electronics consumers for their portability and convenience. Since USB outlets are becoming more and more ubiquitous these days, it’s always useful to keep USB-powered tools on hand.

And for people who like to pick up good sound for a recording–for whatever reason–there are decent Fifine USB microphones out there.

This buying guide for Fifine USB microphones will go over the five best such products available, as well as what buyers can expect from them in terms of performance, features, and design.

After reading this guide, anyone considering this type of product will be well-educated on the product category and thus prepared to make an informed buying decision.


Fifine USB MicrophonesModelExpert RatingPrice
FIFINE USB Microphone,
FIFINE Studio USB Microphone,
FIFINE USB Podcast Microphone-K678
Fifine Podcast
Microphone - K670B
FIFINE USB Microphone Plug -K683A


What to look for in the best USB Microphones


Extra Ports

An extra USB port is a helpful feature on any USB microphone since this allows for integration between different mics or other USB devices. For instance, Two microphones connected to each other can share a port on a computer streaming live audio.

This might be useful for conference calls or other tasks requiring audio streaming. Overall having extra ports give USB microphones a competitive edge.


A Mute Button

A mute button is another useful feature that some USB microphones come with, including the Fifine K670 USB mic. Mute buttons are appreciated by many different microphone users but can be especially helpful during gaming.

Such a button is a lot faster and more convenient than a knob which must be turned all the way in order to mute.

Mute buttons might also be helpful to maintain privacy in shared spaces or in busy environments. Moreover, this is a relatively low-cost feature, so it often adds value to any microphone that has one.



Some level of protection around the microphone is a sought-after feature of USB microphones. While some brands sell microphones with no casing or base, most of the Fifine mics discussed above are equipped with some protective material.

The K670 and K638, for instance, include durable, metal, and plastic materials.

This type of protective material will prevent the microphones from getting damaged during use or transport, so it will also increase the value of a mic.


Stands and Mounts

Having a table mount, base, or stand is another crucial feature that many consumers look for when shopping for a USB microphone.

Since many audio-related tasks that are usually done with USB mics are meant to be hands-free, a USB mic that can’t stand upright on its own will pose a problem to many users.

For instance, any microphone used for livestream gaming will need to stand on its own (since gaming requires both hands, of course).

Luckily, most versions of this type of product are equipped with some type of stand or mount. The Fifine mics discussed above are all able to stand upright on their own, while some even have stands that can make height adjustments.

So whether a given stand is adjustable is another feature that consumers shopping for a USB microphone would be smart to ask.


Headphone Jacks

Headphone jacks are a feature welcomed by many microphone users, and this is no different for desktop USB mics.

Most of the USB mics manufactured by Fifine have headphone jacks, which are useful for louder or busier environments.

Headphones are also preferred by many gamers when live streaming audio, while a jack is also useful to have available for microphone use during travel.


Audio Recorder

Finally, some people who use microphones also want to have the option to record whatever audio their mic pics up. Luckily, there are many USB mics–such as the Fifine K669–available that have recording capability.

This feature might be helpful for podcasters and other media producers creating content to be published. Fifine microphones are especially popular among YouTubers.



The 5 Best Fifine USB Microphones:


1. Fifine Metal Condenser Recording Microphone for Laptop MAC or Windows – K669B

FIFINE USB Microphone,



  • USB microphone with audio recorder
  • USB powered
  • 9 foot cable
  • 78 db signal to noise ratio
  • It comes with a tripod stand
  • Equipped with sound-isolating technology to minimize background noise



One of the best USB recording microphones available is Fifine’s Metal Condenser recording microphone. This portable microphone and audio recorder are popular due to their build, recording quality, features, and convenience. It is used for many different audio-related tasks, including voiceovers and gaming.

This highly portable USB microphone and audio recorder are quite durable, with many components made from dark, sturdy metal. And at under eight inches tall, users appreciate its compactness. This Fifine microphone is a good device for tasks like voice recognition and audio calls in terms of performance.

This condenser microphone has also been improved to capture the vocal sound well while minimizing background noise and static. Many users are able to depend on this product as their only microphone, which can be helpful when calls must be taken in louder environments.

In terms of features, Fifine’s USB Condenser recording microphone also exceeds many consumers’ expectations. This device, for instance, comes with a matching tripod stand as well as a long, 5.9 foot USB cable.

Moreover, the microphone is compatible with most AI assistance on smartphones and links with audio controls on most software and websites. It is also compatible with both Macs and PCs. And importantly, recording on this microphone is possible with any recording software or audio platform, so no drivers have to be downloaded.

This USB accessory has also been praised for its build quality and durability. Audio quality stays clear and crisp for users, and there is adequate cladding around the microphone to protect it. Consumers have been especially happy about the excellent signal-to-noise ratio achieved by this microphone.

For added convenience, there is also a knob for volume on the microphone itself. Overall this microphone is an excellent choice due to its quality, performance, and convenience. And since it includes a list of useful features, it is a high-value product as well.



2. Fifine Studio Condenser USB Microphone Computer PC Microphone Kit – T669

FIFINE Studio USB Microphone,



  • USB powered voice microphone kit
  • It comes with a shock mount, arm stand
  • 70 DB signal to noise ratio
  • 5 M USB cable
  • It comes with a tripod stand



Another great USB microphone by Fifine comes as part of its Studio Condenser PC Microphone Kit. The microphone itself has an excellent 70 db signal-to-noise ratio and produces clear, crisp vocal audio.

It is a popular microphone among singers and podcasters, for instance. The condenser microphone is also designed to reduce background noise, so it is helpful for making audio recordings or calls during travel or in busy environments. It also has a convenient volume knob.

Of course, the microphone is capable of recording audio on any available computer software and works with audio controls on most websites.

In addition, the kit features an adjustable arm with a shock mount, as well as a tripod stand. The components are all made from sturdy metal. A desktop mount is also a handy tool that the kit comes equipped with.

Users have praised the way this set of accessories provides them with different options. Finally, the kit comes with a double pop filter for enhanced sound quality.

Ultimately this kit enhances the convenience and performance of its standalone product by adding tools that help users secure and mount the microphone. It is a favorite among people who need high-quality sound recording technology.

It will cover most voice recording tasks in both the home and for business purposes. And since the kit isn’t a huge extra cost over the standalone mics offered by Fifine, this product makes a strong value proposition.


3. Fifine USB Podcast Microphone for Computer Gaming – K678

FIFINE USB Podcast Microphone-K678



  • Desktop microphone with USB output
  • 5 mm headphone jack
  • 75 db signal to noise ratio
  • 2 lb
  • Feedback control
  • Cardioid polar pattern minimizes noise
  • LED light to indicate the status



For PC gamers, Fifine’s USB Podcast Microphone for computer gaming is one of the best choices they could make for a portable USB mic. The compact mic, which stands upright in a small base, can easily be integrated directly with a laptop via its USB adaptor.

The condenser microphone thus combines the performance and high-quality sound of advanced microphones with the practicality of USB adaptability. The microphone is an excellent product for anyone who needs high-quality audio capability when traveling. Alternatively, this mic is great for desktop gamers whose internal PC mics don’t meet their needs.

Users agree that this microphone provides clear vocal audio as well as sound effects and music over wide frequency response. Moreover, the headphone jack with a built-in volume knob provides clear, latency-free audio output as well.

This feature is also likely a crucial one for serious gamers, many of whom prefer wearing headphones while still using an external mic.

In addition to gaming, this microphone is perfect for tasks like podcasting or video chatting. And thankfully, it is compatible across all audio recording software and communication platforms. Finally, the mic has a helpful LED light for indicating its recording status, which makes operating the device that much easier.

Consumers who’ve tried this microphone have also praised its size and durability. The metal and other materials used are strong and seem to be long-lasting, so the Fifine USB microphone is likely a good investment even in the long term. For gamers, Youtubers, or other microphone users who don’t need extra, bulkier accessories connected to their microphone, the compact FIFI Podcast USB microphone might be the best choice.


4. Fifine Podcast Microphone USB with Headphone Monitoring 3.5mm Jack – K670B

Fifine USB Desktop PC Microphone - K683A



  • USB microphone
  • 3-tube desktop stand adjustable from 1.97 to 4.65 inches
  • Equipped with a 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • Headphone monitoring capability
  • 5 lb
  • 72 db signal to noise ratio



Another excellent choice for gamers who need a desktop microphone is Fifine’s Podcast mic with the adjustable stand and headphone monitoring feature.

This model of USB microphone strikes a good balance between compactness and adjustability, as the 3-tube adjustable stand can shrink to a size where the product is merely eight inches tall.

Moreover, gamers who need some adjustability will appreciate the different height options this particular stand provides. The sound the microphone provides is also full and clear. The microphone has technology that is optimized to pick up voice, so this is a good product for audio calls, voice-overs, and so forth.

In addition, gamers who prefer to use headphones while streaming live audio will appreciate this microphone due to its 3.5. mm, jack, and headphone monitoring feature. The latter feature lets users monitor audio playback from their DAW. The microphone is also equipped to provide multi-tracking for necessary volumes.

There are also volume controls directly on the microphone. Another helpful feature is the blue LED light which indicates recording status. Such a feature reduces the involvement and focuses needed to operate the microphone successfully since info on its status can thus be provided at a glance.

Finally, the product comes in very few components and has been praised for its ease of construction and use.

This microphone and its adjustable stand are also very sturdy and well-built, using strong metal and a thick, non-slip rubber base. Overall this is a great microphone to use for podcasting or other shared audio tasks since it is so portable yet adjustable.

It is also ideal for livestream gaming or other live audio tasks like voice calls or voiceovers. Most users have been very happy with the sound quality provided by this microphone, as well as the practicality and convenience of its adjustable stand. It is a safe choice for anyone who needs a fairly portable but high-quality microphone.


5. Fifine USB Desktop PC Microphone with Pop Filter for Computer – K683A

FIFINE USB Microphone Plug -K683A



  • USB microphone with pop filter and tripod stand
  • USB-B to USB-A connector type
  • Includes 3.5 mm headphone jack
  • No extra drivers required
  • Mute button
  • 75 db signal to stereo ratio



The final of the top five Fifine USB mics is the brand’s desktop microphone with a pop filter. This audio enhancement device (the pop filter) smooths audio by reducing the loud popping noises caused by certain speech sounds (among others things).

Therefore, the filter will make the volume of an audio recording more consistent and make the audio sound more professional. And for extra convenience, the pop filter is detachable, so users can choose whether to optimize sound quality or the device’s portability and compactness. Many podcasters and Youtubers use such accessories alongside their mics.

So this version of Fifine’s desktop USB microphone might be the best for users wanting to achieve the smoothest, most consistent possible volume and audio quality. These types of consumers will also appreciate the high signal-to-stereo ratio this mic achieves. Overall, such audio technology gives this microphone a high-end performance that compares to that of more expensive microphones.

Besides the pop filter, this desktop microphone’s features include an LED status light, a stable tripod stand, and a mute button. The instant muting feature is especially popular and may be a deciding factor among gamers and other types of users.

Moreover, the microphone also comes with an internal status light to indicate whether it’s recording, as well as a volume knob. The mic also has an easy-to-use gain knob. This knob can make adjustments for sensitivity etc. Finally, the mic has an extra USB plug, so other mics or USB accessories can integrate. Overall, these convenient features all increase the value of the microphone and make it a decent investment.

In addition, most users of this microphone agree that it is of excellent build quality and can be assembled and operated very easily. Attentive customer support is available online or over the phone, while the product comes with a comprehensive user manual.

And most importantly, users have been very satisfied with the sound quality provided by this microphone as well as the practicality and convenience of its stand. It is a safe choice for anyone who needs a portable but quality mic.


FAQs About Fifine USB Microphones

Since many consumers are new to the microphone market, there are some important questions they may not know the answers to.

Below are the answers to some questions that are commonly asked about Fifine USB microphones. Anyone hoping to learn more about this type of product should read on.



Does this microphone have screw holes in the bottom so it can easily be screwed onto a boom scissor arm stand?

No, the Fifine microphones discussed above do not come with screw holes. It is recommended that if users want a mic with a stand, they purchase one that comes with the tripod or adjustable one.

However, it is possible, of course, to attach the mic mount to the standard Fifine boom stand. Most Fifine brand mic accessories will fit together well and operate in tandem.



If I plug a headset in the back of the mic, how can I make the mic not play through the headset?

In order to listen to audio from a user’s computer or other system, headphones need to be plugged directly into that system or computer.

These microphones can’t disable their jack monitor function.



How does the Fifine k-683-a compare to the k-670 for doing voiceover while video gaming?

The microphones themselves on these products are the same, so sound quality should not differ much between them.

However, the k638 does not have a mute button or pop filter like the k670, so the k670 will possibly provide somewhat better quality due to the latter feature.



Is there a link for drivers?

Fifine microphones do not require drivers to be downloaded on connected computers in order to work properly. These devices should work automatically with any software or platform on either a Mac or PC.

This added convenience of not needing to download drivers is certainly an upshot of using a Fifine mic.



Does it work on PS4?

Yes, Fifine USB mics work well with game consoles, including Playstations. According to online reviews, the PS4 recognizes Fifine microphones instantly after they are plugged in.

This is likely one of the reasons these devices are so popular among gamers.



Can this connect to a cell phone?

Fifine USB mics are not designed for use with cell phones, so although they may work with some and other portable devices, this is not guaranteed.

Moreover, performance may not be as good with such devices as compared to intended hardware like video game consoles or laptop computers.

Ultimately Fifine does not recommend their USB microphones for use with cell phones or other portable devices.


In what country are they manufactured?

The Fifine USB microphones are made in China.


Is this product compatible with Windows 10?

Fifine microphones are compatible with Windows 10; however, some users complain that audio pickup with this operating system is low compared to other brands.




After reading this product buyer’s guide on USB microphones, anyone interested in or shopping for this type of device should have a good idea of what to expect from it in terms of performance and possible features.

Since they offer great portability and high-quality audio capabilities, Fifine USB microphones can be very useful tools. These devices are popular among podcasters, gamers, and more since some provide professional-grade quality.

Moreover, Fifine offers five USB mics that are all excellent choices for consumers in the market for one. There is a Fifine microphone with the features right for most audio needs–for example, recording or muting. Fifine also has USB mics that are equipped with sound filters and other extra equipment to enhance audio quality.

And finally, these microphones all come with stands or bases that allow hands-free use, which is important for many tasks requiring a mic. Ultimately, any of the five Fifine USB microphones discussed above would be excellent choices for any consumer shopping for a portable, high-quality mic.


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