5 Best Boom Microphone Arm Stands

Many professional microphone operators across areas and industries appreciate the practicality of a durable and easily maneuverable boom mic arm stand.

These stands can be a burden off the shoulders of people using boom microphones for long periods of time since they can be locked in place as well as adjusted for different positions.

Since they allow boom mics to stand on their own at the height of a person, they are commonly used in high-quality video and audio production projects, including movie-making and podcasting.

They are also ideal for in-home and onstage live audio performances and work well alongside boom mics for amplification purposes.

Since many consumers shopping for boom mic arms stands might not know a great deal about this type of product, this buyer’s guide will present some of the features that give the best versions of this product an edge over their competition. It’ll also discuss in detail the five best boom microphone arm stands.

After reading this guide, anyone in the market for such a product should be prepared to make an informed buying decision. So for anyone shopping for a boom stand, read on.


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LyxPro Microphone
Boom Arm Stand
InnoGear Microphone
Arm Stand
Amazon Basics
Boom Stand
InnoGear Adjustable
Microphone Stand
TONOR Adjustable
Arm Stand



What to Look for in the Best Boom Microphone Arm Stands

The best boom arm stands share a few premium features, which give them an edge over their competition in the market.

So for some helpful information that will help distinguish the best mic stands, below are the top features that the best of these products all have.


Pop Filter

Pop filters are sometimes added to microphone stands to make them more attractive to regular mic users and audio professionals.

This type of noise filter is a component that can be attached in front of a mic and does a great job at cutting out unwanted wind noise.

These filters are also designed to minimize some of the louder, popping speech sounds. This effect helps audio pickup become as consistent and smooth as possible.

For achieving high-quality, broadcast-grade sound, especially when recording outdoors, pop filters are excellent tools.


Wide table clamp

While many mic stands are designed to be attached to the edge of a desk or table, some of these stands don’t provide clamps that are wide enough to fit over all desired surfaces.

Certain mic stands can’t mount some thicker tablets and desks in the market.

That’s why extra wide table clamps are a popular feature of mic stands and are part of the design on many of the very best such stands.

This is a feature to watch for, especially for mic users whose mic usage is unpredictable and takes them to various environments.


Rubber Base

Another important feature that many of the very best boom mic arms stands boast is high-traction rubber bases or feet. The best tripod-style stands have rubber feet for extra stability.

Such a feature has proven very useful for people who change location frequently when using a mic stand.

Overall, having some rubber or high-traction base is an important feature that separates the best boom stands from the rest. If nothing else, it provides added peace of mind.


Carrying case

Some of the most sought-after boom mic arm stands come with their own carrying cases, which greatly increases those models’ value. Many mic users expect to have to travel with their mics, and in many cases, with their stands.

Thus a carrying case is a great feature to look for when shopping for an arm stand. They do a great job of protecting stands from wet conditions, for instance.


Rotational adjustability

While most boom mic stands are able to move for and aft and bend up and down, the ones of the best value and quality are able to swivel as well.

This feature puts the top mic stands over the edge by helping them achieve optimal adjustability.

Having a stand that can swivel is a welcome feature for many microphone users since it allows for the smoother sharing of a single mic. This type of sharing can be useful in podcasting or other media production environments.



5 Best Boom Microphone Arm Stands:

To help you with your search, here is a selection of 5 of the best boom microphone arm stands:


1. LyxPro Microphone Stand

LyxPro Microphone



  • Tilting and rotating microphone stand
  • 4-leg base
  • 07 x 3.86 x 3.7 in.
  • 3 lb
  • Base locking knob
  • includes boom counterweight
  • Collapsable



LyrxPro’s microphone stand is one of the most popular and sought-after mic stands for boom operators, at least in part since it can extend upright to a fairly tall height and can lock in place. Users have praised the way this mic stand is able to make precise adjustments for perfect, precise microphone positioning.

It can swivel on its base 360 degrees and tilt side to side/up and down. Moreover, it has a highly effective counterweight that should offset the top-heaviness a boom microphone will cause.

This control and precision are useful for live performances that don’t permit after-production sound editing in terms of applications. For instance, this microphone is ideal for a set of stage performances by people of different heights. Musicians and other performers should have no problem making fast and exact adjustments on this stand.

Many reviewers who use this stand for musical performance claim that it continues performing well during dozens of hours-long sessions.

In addition, this stand has received acclaim from users for its lightweight and sturdy build. The different parts of this stand fit together tightly and durably, so this product should last users a while and perform optimally for years after purchase.

An all-metal build and threaded tube ends are some of the features which make this stand a great model in terms of strength and durability. Moreover, this durability increases the stand’s overall value.

Also adding to the stand’s value as well as its practicality is how compact a size it can shrink to when collapsed. Such features make this stand a great investment for anyone who needs to use a boom microphone routinely.

Ultimately anyone in the market for a high-quality, strong, and easily adjustable boom microphone stand should consider LyxPro’s version. It is collapsible, precisely adjustable, and well-built, so it will make a good investment for consumers who need to use boom microphones routinely.


2.InnoGear Microphone Arm

InnoGear Microphone



  • Microphone Stand with 3/8″ to 5/8″ Screw Adapter Clip for Yeti microphones
  • Foldable arm
  • Desk mount with anti-scratch pad
  • Heavy duty steel build
  • Max load of approximately 3.3 lb
  • 3 lb weight



Another great choice of boom microphone stands the InnoGear Microphone arm, which can mount to a table easily. It also has a highly adjustable arm that can fold out to several inches. Its scissor arm and vertical base are adjustable in many ways.

Moreover, the InnoGear microphone arm is made from extra sturdy steel, so it’s very durable and will likely last users years. It is also designed to be compatible with Blue Yeti and Blue Snowball microphones and others. The desk mount on this stand makes it an ideal tool for indoor audio or video recording projects.

The durable steel used for this arm stand is also very lightweight, making this microphone stand only 1.3 pounds. This is an added benefit of the sturdy steel InnoGear uses.

In addition, the design and material used for the stand’s feet reduce vibration from the surface below in order to optimize sound quality. The feet also encourage stability and minimize scratching the surface the stand mounts to. The screw design on the table mount itself has also been improved for extra rigidity and strength.

An extra screw further enhances the durability of this stand along the arm that is designed to increase its rigidity when in use. Many users of this stand claim that this extra setting gives it significantly more strength to keep heavier microphones upright. In addition, the stand’s microphone clip is very flexible, so it should be able to fit a variety of boom sizes.

In addition, this means that the angle of the microphone can be adjusted precisely when one is in the stand. Finally, the stand has universal adaptability to different brands of microphones, including Blue and Fifine.

Due to its success in mounting to tables, this stand is especially useful for radio, podcasting, or newscasting. It might also be ideal for interviews or documentary production.


3. Amazon Basics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

Amazon Basics



  • Tripod boom mic stand
  • Holds microphone securely, handsfree
  • Plastic arm
  • Counterweight for horizontal arm orientation
  • compatibility with 3/8-inch to 5/8-inch adapter
  • Integrated cord clip
  • 2 lb maximum load


Amazon Basics offer a great, simple mic stand in the form of the company’s tripod boom stand. Many users have praised this stand for its dependability and ease of use. It is also very lightweight, at just over three pounds.

In addition, the stand can extend to the full height of adults while it can also adjust for horizontal positioning. Moreover, it has a counterweight to secure the stand’s position when the arm has been adjusted to a horizontal orientation.

While being praised for its stability, the tripod stand’s arm also folds totally flat for simple mic stand use. Furthermore, that the tripod has rubber feet further enhances the stand’s stability. Such versatility makes this particular tripod mic stand an attractive option for anyone who operates microphones routinely.

Moreover, the counterweight and adjustability add peace of mind that the stand will be able to meet various positioning needs. The sturdy material used for this stand is also appreciated by many reviewers, who claim that it holds up under steady use. Additionally, users also appreciate the convenient cord clip that comes standard on Amazon Basics’ Tripod Boom Stand.

These clips along the upright stand do a great job of keeping the microphone and other electrical cords out of the way during use. Such a feature adds value to this simple, inexpensive microphone stand in the way that, for many consumers, gives it an edge over the competition.

Finally, the weight-bearing capability of this stand is fairly generous, as it can support microphones with weights of up to two pounds. This stand will fit a broad range of microphones in terms of compatibility since it can connect to ⅜ -⅝ inch adapters.

Anyone who uses common microphone brands should have no problem connecting theirs to this boom microphone arm stand.



4. InnoGear Adjustable Desk Microphone Stand

InnoGear Adjustable



  • Adjustable desktop microphone stand
  • Weighted base
  • Threaded mounts of ⅜ and ⅝ inches
  • Soft twist clutch grip
  • Compatible with Blue Yeti mics, kick drums, guitar amps, etc.



For microphone users who need something to mount their mics to desks, InnoGear’s adjustable desk microphone stand is an excellent choice. This stand has a very useful weighted rubber base that keeps the stand well planted and incredibly stable when in use.

The rubberized bottom of the stand holds it in place very well, while the weight keeps it planted when it is being used. Such stability is valuable since it gives users peace of mind that nothing will tip over when the mics are being used hands-free. This functionality is ideal for the purposes of projects like podcasting and voiceovers.

In addition to having rubber and weighted components that add stability, the base of this boom mic arm stand is special because it contains a rubber gasket on the bottom, which absorbs vibrations from the surface it is resting on.

According to users, this special feature works quite well, while it adds significant value to this stand. Anyone who purchases this stand is likely to appreciate the stability and effectiveness that accompany the design of its base.

The adjustability of the arm on this stand is also excellent, as it can telescope out a significant length. The stand is also effective in terms of vertical adjustment, as its height can be adjusted from eleven to just under sixteen inches. When fully collapsed, this microphone may also be ideal for floor applications as well as desktop use.

For instance, it can be used to pick up sound from a live music performance carried out from a sitting position closer to the ground.

This stand also has excellent compatibility since it can hold microphones by various manufacturers, including Fifine, Audio-Technica, and others. Overall, anyone in the market for a professional-quality boom mic arm stands for desks should take a look at the InnoGears version.


5. Tonor Adjustable Suspension Scissor Boom Mic Stand

TONOR Adjustable



  • Desk clamp Boom mike stand
  • Full 360-degree rotation adjustability
  • The adjustability of 700 mm travel both horizontally and vertically
  • ⅜-⅝ adapter compatibility
  • Mic clip included
  • Foam cover included
  • Pop filter included



Tonor’s adjustable microphone stand is one of the best, sturdiest microphone stands on the market and is popular among professionals who use boom mics every day. One important feature of this stand is its extra-strong desk clamp, which has been improved to bear more weight.

The clamp, for instance, has increased in adjustable width size to cover a surface that is four times larger than before. Moreover, its travel is great enough to clamp onto edges that are up to 60 mm thick.

This feature provides great versatility for mic users who need to secure their microphones on unusual surfaces or who use their mic in various, unpredictable environments.

Another very useful feature that this mic stand is equipped with is its ability to rotate a full 360 degrees around. This adjustability allows for the mic to be passed to various speakers, for instance, while remaining hands-free.

Such a feature can be very useful for projects such as podcasting and interviewing. In addition, this microphone stand is also adjustable side to side and back and forth for 700 mm in each direction. Such adjustability makes this stand a favorite among audio recording and media professionals.

While providing excellent versatility in terms of how adjustable it is, this microphone stand also provides great value due to the inclusion of a pop filter.

This component, which minimizes wind noise and other background sounds, greatly improves the performance of any microphone and is used in professional settings. Therefore it is an attractive feature on this consumer microphone stand, as many such stands only sell additional sound filters separately.

Another extra feature this stand comes with is a foam microphone cover for optimal sound quality. Finally, this arm stand has a useful mic clip so users can fasten the microphone more securely. Overall this adjustable boom stand by Tonor would make a great investment for anyone who uses boom mics regularly.




Since many people in the market for boom microphone arm stands might be new to the product category, below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about this type of product.

This section should be especially helpful for anyone seriously considering a given boom stand.


Will this fit a Yeti Pro microphone?

Yes, the top five boom microphone arm stands discussed above should all be able to fit a Yeti Pro mic. Most common mic brands will be able to fit in these boom stands.

One of the best aspects of all these stands is how widely compatible they are across different brands and how versatile they are across audio tasks.


Are these useful for condenser microphones?

Yes, these mic stands should all be able to take the weight of a professional quality condenser microphone. They are all strong, sturdy, and can bear a good amount of weight.

Condenser mics are some of the most commonly used microphones for many tasks, so it is a good idea to find a mic stand that can hold these devices.


Can it fit the Samson Meteor?

Yes, the mic stands listed above should be able to fit the Samson Meteor mic as long as they are equipped with the stand adapter that this product comes with.

Such adapters are important to hold on to in case they are needed in the future to attach a mic to a stand.


Does it come with a carrying case?

While some microphone stands come with a carrying case, others do not. For anyone looking for a stand that comes with a case, it is best to conduct research based on a particular stand.

These accessories are very popular for sale alongside or as part of a package with boom mic arm stands.


Will webcams fit?

Yes, most of the stands mentioned above should be able to have webcams fastened on them. For instance, the Innogear arm stand can have a webcam clamped on top.

However, the stands may not accommodate these devices as well as microphones since it is only the latter they are designed to hold securely.

In any case, webcams are certainly not a problem for the weight-bearing capability of the stands discussed in this guide.




Hopefully, anyone in the market for a boom mic arm stand that has read this buyer’s guide should now be able to make an informed decision on which stand to purchase or research further. They should be able to recognize the top such stands, having been given an overview of the five very best ones available for purchase today.

These microphone stands are all strong, stable, highly versatile, and capable of bearing the weight of any common boom microphone. While some of the stands listed are designed for tabletop use, others are meant to stand on the floor or ground.

Moreover, consumers who have read this guide, with any luck, will also have achieved a good understanding of which features and accessories separate the very best boom mic arm stands from the rest of the competition. For instance, pop filters and carrying cases are features of some mic stands that professional audio engineers covet.

In addition, readers of this guide should have had some of their questions about mic stands answered in the FAQ section above. Ultimately anyone who has read this guide should be able to make a well-informed decision on a boom mic stand that best fits their needs.

If you want to learn “How to make a microphone stand” check out our blog post and you will find a step-by-step guide.


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