4 Best XLR To USB Cables

Many microphone users might not know that they need to use an XLR cable in order to properly connect it to their computer, camcorder, or other devices.

Although many camcorder brands these days include these cords with their cameras, many consumers, especially those who use microphones regularly, want to know what the best XLR cables are anyway.

This knowledge, in any case, could be helpful in the future. And due to their versatility, XLR to USB cables, in particular, are especially popular nowadays. They are also useful for audio studio and recording work. That is why this buyer’s guide article will discuss the top four XLR to USB cables.

It will give overviews of these products, touch on the best features and designs to look for in them, as well as answer common questions asked about them. Overall, this buyer’s guide should help anyone who is shopping for an XLR to USB cable make an educated decision on which version of the product to buy.


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What to Look for in the Best XLR to USB Cables


Status indicator lights

A bright, clear status light is a highly sought-after feature for professional-quality XLR to USB cables. Nobody in the process of doing a serious audio recording job wants to worry about how to tell whether their mic connection is there.

Luckily, the best of cords, such as those mentioned above, are equipped with LEDs that indicate status by glowing brightly. These lights can be important for a range of audio activities and can be useful for people who aren’t themselves operating the mic.

This is definitely a feature to look for when shopping for an XLR cable.


Sound quality chip

Many of the very best XLR to USB to mic cables also contain electrical chips that optimize the sound quality delivered to the connected microphone. This chip helps ensure clear, high-fidelity audio and improves sound consistency and overall stability of the connection.

This feature is quite common, so anyone in the market for an XLR cord should easily find one equipped with a sound-quality chip.

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Woven nylon outer jacket

The strongest material used for cord jackets is widely considered to be the woven nylon that the highest-quality cords have. This material will protect XLR to USB cords very well and is often better than softer, rubber-coated cords.

Moreover, this material is smoother, so tangling shouldn’t be as much of a problem. Overall a woven nylon coating will help preserve an XLR to USB converter cord and is a common feature of the best of this type of product.



The 4 Best XLR To USB Cables:


1. Hosongin Male XLR to USB Female Mic Link Converter Cable




  • Three-pin XLR to USB cable
  • For microphones and recording equipment
  • Male-to-Female adapter design
  • 10 feet long
  • Supports USB 2.0 and 1.1



One of the best XLR to USB cords is Hosongin’s male-to-female converter cable, which is commonly used for microphones and recording equipment. Many audio engineers and music producers use these cables in studios and other environments.

In addition to being a standard tool in the music recording industry, at ten feet, this particular cord is very long, which makes it a very convenient version of the product. Another feature this cable has that makes it one of the best of its kind is its broad compatibility.

This cable can connect with both Mac and Windows software, including Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and 98SE, and Mac. Such a feature is likely part of the reason why this version is the favorite of many audio professionals.

Another important aspect of this XLR to USB cable is the durable materials that are used for its assembly. The excellent quality wire and strong metal make this cord strong and durable while also giving it the best possible performance. Additionally, this cord’s strong, woven cable jacket gives it even more strength while preventing tangling.

The strength of these materials also increases the rigidity of the cord, which reduces squeals from loose connections. Such stability makes this particular cord especially reliable. Moreover, Hosongin guarantees that the product will last eighteen months.

The design and quality assurance gained from this XLR cable make it one of the best available.

Moreover, one reason why this card has a higher value than some of its competitors is that it comes with a cable tie. This added item is always helpful for audio engineers. Anyone looking for a strong, reliable XLR to USB cable should certainly consider this one offered by Hosongin.

It is a standard tool used in audio recording for many different purposes and should work well for anyone needing to connect their microphone to a device with USB connectivity.


2. NewBEP USB Male to XLR Female Mic Link Converter Cable




  • Three-pin XLR to USB cable
  • Compatible with video game consoles and computer operating systems
  • 9 feet long
  • Works with USB 2.0
  • No driver installation needed
  • LED connection indicator light



Another great USB to XLR cable is NewBEP’s version, which, like Hasongin’s converter cable, is commonly used by audio recording professionals and sound engineers. This tool is very useful for performing audio recording since it connects microphones to recording equipment.

One of the best parts about this cord is its compatibility with gaming consoles, including the PlayStation 2, 3, Wii, and Xbox 360.

In addition to being connectable to these devices, the NewBEP XLR cable is compatible with most Mac and Windows operating systems, including Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and 98.

Another great part of this cord’s design is its LED connection indicator light. This light glows red when a connection is made. This feature could easily be the deciding factor when choosing a brand for an XLR cable.

This cable’s audio performance is excellent as well, in part since it has a special sound-quality card that is compatible with most computer software. This chip helps the cord deliver high fidelity and sound clarity. In addition, the cord’s pure copper cord optimizes sound quality and its strong materials.

For instance, the metal chassis design of the three-pin XLR connect is built for durability and should help the cord maintain peak performance for a whole. The rubber insulation also adds protection to the already durable cord.

Conveniently, no connector drivers need to be downloaded to the relevant computer for this cable to work. That this product starts working as soon as it is plugged in is very convenient and makes audio recording a much faster process.

Overall this XLR cable should deliver on all the relevant areas for this type of product. It is high-performing, strong, and durable, so that it would be a smart investment for anyone shopping for such a cord.


3. Tanbin USB Male to XLR Female Mic Converter Cable




  • 3 pin USB to XLR mic cable
  • 10 feet
  • Compatible with computers and gaming consoles, karaoke machines
  • LED indicator light
  • No drivers required



The Tanbin USB to XLR microphone converter cable is another good choice of XLR cable for a device with USB connectivity. It’s a strong, reliable cable that performs very well and consistently. Many people who use audio recording equipment regularly use this cord.

One of the best parts of its design is its wide compatibility, as it can connect to a computer, game console, and karaoke hardware. The Windows software it can connect with includes Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and 98, while it is compatible with most Mac OS software too.

In addition, this cord can connect to game consoles such as the PlayStation 2 and 3, the Nintendo Wii, and the Xbox 360.

Another helpful feature of this cord is its LED status light which lets users know when it has a connection by glowing. The cord is also a generous ten feet in length and does not need users to download drivers onto their computers in order to use it.

All that could be required to use this cord for connecting a microphone with a computer or game console is a good electrical current from an outlet or battery.

The materials used for this cord give it great strength and durability, like those versions discussed above. This metal and rubber 3-pin XLR adapter is hardy and sturdy, while the cord is coated in thick rubber.

Overall the materials used for this cord ensure excellent strength and durability. Reviewers also report that this cord makes a strong, stable connection with the hardware it’s connected with. The converter provides clear, high-fidelity audio while minimizing squeal from loose connections.

The Tanbin USB to XLR cable is a good version of this adapter and can be relied on by anyone who uses recording equipment regularly. It gives high-quality sounds while remaining strong and durable.


4. NUOSIYA USB to XLR Microphone Cable




  • USB to XLR converter cable
  • Ten feet long
  • Compatible with Mac, PC, Xbox
  • Needs sound card to connect with condenser microphone
  • Black-gold color
  • Woven cord jacket



Finally, the Nuosiya USB to XLR cable is a great option for this type of cable. This version of the cord uses premium, high-grade materials which come together to deliver excellent sound performance and physical durability.

At the same time, the sound quality this cord achieves for microphones is excellent, due in part to the premium 44.1kHz/48kHz, 16-bit audio signal. This technology, as well as the cord’s high-quality copper wiring and shielding.

The durability and reliability of this product give the Nuosiya XLR to USB cable an edge over other versions which use weaker materials. For instance, a strong woven nylon coating protects the cord from wear, ensuring that it will last for years. This material gives it more strength than a thinner rubber jacket.

The outer copper shield also gives the cable added protection and insulation. In addition, the gold-plated adapter heads add strength and conductivity to the cord. Overall the materials used for this cable are of high quality and can be trusted by anyone who uses recording equipment regularly.

Another aspect of this XLR cord that makes it one of the best available is its wide compatibility. It can connect to computers that run Windows, including Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and 98. It also connects to most Mac computers and even to game consoles like the Xbox 360. Like the other cables discussed in this guide, the range of devices that this cable connects to makes it a great choice.

Finally, for those who want cosmetically appealing audio equipment, the gold-and-black design of Nuosiya’s XLR cable is very attractive. This cable looks great while performing very well and remaining durable.


FAQs About XLR To USB Cables


Will this work on a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are increasingly popular computer devices, and even some people who use microphones regularly are using these small laptops that run on a Google system. At the same time, this device may not have the necessary drivers to connect a microphone to it using an XLR to USB cable.

Most of the manufacturers of these cables, including those mentioned above, do not guarantee that the converters will connect a microphone or camcorder to a Chromebook. People shopping for this type of cable should try testing one out on a Chromebook before purchasing one.


Why is the cable light blinking when I plug it in?

This depends on which particular cable is being used, so user manuals should be consulted for this question. However, for many of these cables, including the Hosongin version, a blinking light indicates that the cord is working and a connection has been achieved.


Would this be able to send audio from a computer into an audio interface?

Unfortunately, since this type of cord is only one channel, a dual, left, and right input setup would be needed to connect between a computer and audio interface.



Anyone who has read this buyer’s guide on the best XLR to USB cables should have a good understanding of this type of product, including what features to look out for and which varieties are best.

Those versions of the cable discussed above are all high-performing, durable, and reliable, so they would all make a good choice for people who use microphones or other recording equipment routinely.


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