Midnight Magic2010 will go down in history as the year of re-turn disc. Much more than just a comeback, what the scene paramainstream witnessed these past three months was a real breath of courage and originality. Bands like the dark Midnight Magic and the amazing body of 17 members of the Escort butchered with the cool pose of many people to go up on stage and cause to see a kind of dark LIVE disco / house.

It all began with the marriage of Tiffany Roth, Caito Sanchez, Nick Roseboro, Jason and Max Goldman Disu three former members of the Hercules & Love Affair, Andrew Raposo and Morgan Wiley Carter Yasutaka – which already supplies a good deal of credibility to new musical opportunity. They would sign with Permanent Vacation, a creatively stronger seals of today (and includes names such as Azari & III, Lullabies In The Dark, Tensnake, Sally Shapiro and almost dinosaur Todd Terje).

The first shows across Brooklyn was held at the legendary wildness home in LA, opened in the ’60s and today closed its doors, bankrupt (the wildness in fact have the best website I’ve ever seen). Very soon, the sound of Midnight Magic, dark, decadent, hard-pure-and-not-influence, would call the attention of Jacques Renault, one that has defied logic by reintroducing the classic beats of house, dance and disco on their mixes and productions. Fond (and disbelief) by rap and absurd vocal band Beam Me Up, Renault would take a true epic disseminator of new sound all around Manhattan. Behold, at last, the good son, then the disco would return to their home of origin: the major clubs in New York.    click here to read more

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