Midnight MagicTopple a song (which was never released) among the best of the year in Beats In Space (radio program run by Tim Sweeney) is not for everyone. But despite the success of Drop Me a Line last year, nobody knew much about Midnight Magic . In June this year, another New Yorker pearl band invaded the dance floor, podcasts and more stylish mixes. Beam Me Up went by the great label Permanent Vacation , conquered the likes of Erol Alkan and easy is shaping as one of the coolest songs of 2010. The sound is very reminiscent of the Hercules & Love Affair (up to four former members as part of Midnight). I hit a chat with Tiffany Roth, lead singer of the band, which has a little how it started, the plans, the time he attended the Loca … Yes, Tiffany lived in São Paulo and make vows of love for Brazil. Midnight Magic. Eye on them!

Tiffany, how it started? Where did you meet?
I met Morgan Wiley (keyboards) and Andrew Raposo (bass) 10 years ago, in Los Angeles. Morgan and Andrew were part of Automato (defunct hip-hop band that launched by the DFA) . At this time, Morgan and I started making music together. Then they moved to New York. Morgan then met Carter Yasutake (trumpet) and Max Goldman (drums) at the university. In 2005, with the end of Automato, I moved to New York and began producing all together.That’s when the Midnight Magic was born. During the process of creating the first album (not yet released) , Nick Roseboro (trumpet), Jason Disu (trombone), Caito Sanchez (guitar) and Andrew Frawley (percussion) also joined the band.

Midnight brings together three former members of the Hercules & Love Affair. And Hercules seems to be a strong influence on your sound. What else inspires your songwriting?
In fact, four came from Hercules. They are: Andrew Rapaso, Morgan Wiley, Jason Disu, Carter Yasutake. Our influences ranging from psychedelia, to soul, funk, jazz and disco. Everyone in the band listen to much music, from any corner of the world.

You just released the single ” Beam Me Up by Permanent Vacation, which has received countless accolades. James Murphy, Aeroplane, Faze Action … all have played their music. What is the next step of Midnight? Other singles or album in sight?
It was great news for us to discover that these guys had heard our music and liked it so much. This really makes me ecstatic! We are planning to launch a second 12 “Permanent Vacation by later this year and our first album release in the spring of next year.

The remix of you for Reckless (With Your Love) , Azari & III of the project coming out soon (hear an excerpt below) . The version is more a cover than a remix traditional. You re-recorded all the instrumental and preserved only the original vocal. That’s the idea for future remixes of Midnight Magic?
We vary greatly in time to remix. Sometimes we recorded the live instrumental, sometimes not. But it is always fun and part of the challenge of creating a new song from something someone else wrote.

Only you can find three tracks from the band on the Internet.Midnight Magic already has enough material for a show?
Over the last two years we have played right here, always in New York. We usually play the material from our upcoming album and some covers of bands we love. Can you do a set of up to an hour and a half!

There are plans for a major tour?
We will leave to tour the U.S. west coast during autumn. We have received several invitations to play in Europe and in England and hopefully much can realize that next summer. And of course, we’d love to play in Brazil.

Some of you have been in Sao Paulo. And Tiffany, you’ve lived here for six months. What’s this?
My days in Brazil were CRI-IN-BATCH! Can not wait to go there! When I lived in Sao Paulo, went straight in the lotion! Also caught a show with Rita Lee, Caetano Veloso and playing in a park for free that was crack. Never had so much fun as the time I lived in Sao Paulo. I could also travel to Rio and Bahia.I made friends I will take for life!

How cool! St. Paul has changed a bit since you were here. Many new clubs have opened, good festivals are happening, the electronic music scene is getting stronger. Hope to see the Midnight Magic in the middle of it all very soon!
Yes! We’re dying to play in Brazil!

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